Baffled on what to get Mom this year, but know that she deserves something really special? Hopefully, this selection from Small Shops will help.

Fresh and clean tablescape for Mother's Day to lighten the mood! The crisp whites are off-set by the pops of colour found in the green leaves and lemons. The look is very refreshing!

Today Im showing you how to fold your napkin in the cutest way... bunny ears! So easy and fast, no excuse not to decorate your Easter table!
Table settings aren't just for parties and holidays. Any old day is an excuse to have something beautiful to eat on. I try to do it everyday: set the table for dining. It is not that hard or expensive to add flare and fun to this otherwise mundane chore.
If you think about it, New Year's Eve is the most glamorous holiday of the year. Why? Because... what other day is it acceptable to dress in head to toe sequins? Im sharing some tips to keep up this year with the easiest DIY decorations that'll set a festive tone for your night.
Who said you have to have expensive table top products or elaborate center pieces to have a beautiful New Year's tablescape? Here are some tips to having a festive and disposable tablescape for New Year's Eve!
For New Year's table I was looking to decorate it with party items. I couldn't find nice enough party hats so decided to make my own! It was delightfully easy and so inexpensive to make. 
Im sharing with you today my best 8 tips for an elegant and intimate Christmas table. This is my actual table this year... I'm using the same DIY ornament cluster center piece I made from my previous post!
Every December I change my table decor at least 3 times. This year is not exception, and in fact, I have been changing the table way more than any year, since we are all cooped up inside and spending all of our time home. A little extra cheer is welcomed and the family is loving it!

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