Is no secret that 2020 has brought a "new normal" in just about everything in our everyday lives.

As we adapt, we are forced into making our most cherished celebrations happen in creative ways that let us have a little glimpse into our "old lives".

One of the safest way to make celebrations happen is making it outdoors. I have been having birthdays and holidays outside since May, and I must say I feel somewhat proud of myself for the creativity that has come.

The first thing was to get a couple of outdoor space heaters. Once I had that, I was in business, because that let me take advantage of those extra couple months when is cold to be outside for an extended period of time but not too cold to get frostbite ;)

In this occasion I decided to have a few girlfriends over for a Fall Celebration. Thanksgiving in Canada is in only a few weeks' time, and since most likely will be freezing cold by then, we decided to advance it.

This table was inspired by the new LUTEOS tablecloth from my UpCycled line. Is such the perfect pattern for fall!

Next was to really space the place settings to follow the guidelines about social distancing, and opted to have less decorating items to avoid overcrowding the table. Isn't it incredible the little things we took for granted before?

Even with less decor, it all came together beautifully, since the LUTEOS pattern did all the work with its fantastic fall colours and embellishments.

Check out the results:

The choice for food was easy: one of the best Mexican dishes ever: Chilaquiles. Which is corn chips with salsa, adorned with queso fresco and onions. This dish is typically accompanied with refried beans and chicken or eggs. Is de-li-cious!

These 2 little pumpkin gems were found at no other than.... the dollar store! AT a bargain price of $4, you can't really go wrong. I just added some greenery from Ikea and makes for a great center piece. Not too high so people can see each other from one side of the table to the other.

As a started I took inspiration from one of my favourite tablescape bloggers Janet from Rosemary and Thyme. I use martini glasses to serve some fruit, sprinkled with chile powder. Love simple but fancy ways to serve food! Makes a really simple thing so special.

And as dessert... what other than scrumptious chocolate glazed donuts. 'Nuf said!

Hope you enjoyed this blog and gives you some inspiration to host Thanksgiving or a "just because" fall gathering while being safe in times of Coronavirus.

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