If there is ever a special occasion to dress-up your table, Mother's Day has to be the perfect one to go the extra mile. Im so excited to share what I've come up with this year, featuring the Gallica tablecloth.

Here are a few easy ideas to making brunch at home a little more fun and glamorous.


The funny thing is, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do, I had been looking for inspiration from dozens of sites but nothing spoke to me, until I went to do my groceries, and saw beautiful carnation bouquets and suddenly the whole table came together around them.

Then right there at the store I found these cute little napkins that I thought fit right in with the colours of the flowers. Thanks Maxi!

It was then time to think about the food. So I thought it would be perfect to have  small triangle sandwiches. I usually make these with regular cream cheese, but the store only had "chive" flavoured, so I went with that. Some fresh cucumbers and voilá. They turned out great!

I absolutely love how the tablecloth just mesh so well with all the colours and theme. That's the advantage of having neutrals as a base, you can just build it up!

There was a time when I wasn't serving anything with red sauce for fear of ruining my tablecloth. kind of reminds me of the Sex and the City episode when Carrie goes to one of Big's fancy parties and the host wasn't serving "brown" food or beverages. Back then I thought how ridiculous. Well... after having kids I changed my mind about that :P But thankfully now is not a problem anymore!


An antipasto platter is always a good idea. Usually free of allergens and gluten free for those who have some food restrictions.

This olive bread and cold pizza were from Pains et Saveurs right around the corner of my place. First time I was getting their breads and I wasn't disappointed. They look as good as they taste... delicious!


Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully inspired you to make your Mother's Day table special. Happy day to all the Moms!


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