Casual Table Setting with Fresh Flowers - with Armine Tatosian "Ms. Modern Manners"

Im honoured to have had the pleasure to interview Armine recently. She has an amazing blog called "Modern Manners with Arminé Tatosian", and she is also very active on Instagram.



She is a graduate of both fashion and interior design, Arminé has taught at College level, owned her own fashion design company and managed many high-end retail shops.

Q: Arminé, how/why did you start your blog?
A: I stated MS MODERN MANNERS in 2015. My husband was transferred to Calgary from Toronto. I had 2 boys over for dinner. They never reached out to thank me. I felt we are in modern times with so much technology that it is so much easier to say Thank you! You can phone, email, txt or reach out on social media to thank. There is no excuse!

Q: You create stunning tablescapes. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A: Thank you! Tablescaping is my passion! My inspiration is from everything around me. Definitely our four seasons. Beautiful Objects, flowers, dishes and tablecloth of course!

Q: What are your favourite books/websites on manners?
A: The classic Emily Post books are a great reference. I have been posting MODERN MANNERS MONDAY on Instagram for 5 years now. Visit my blog for tips!

Q: Manners at the table are such an important part of socializing, which would be your most vital to teach to the new generation?
A: Definitely! I think learning to set the table properly, as well as waiting until everyone is seated before starting to eat.


A Casual Table Setting with Fresh Flowers

A casual table setting for everyday shouldn't be complicated, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be uplifting. A fresh floral arrangement made with flowers such as roses, daffodils and tulips are classic staples for any occasion including everyday dinner at home. Fresh cut greenery is also an elegant way to decorate the table.

For this particular tablescape, Armine used the gorgeous wipe-clean Boreal tablecloth. It features watercolour florals, and she used gorgeous roses in multiple colours to create the centrepieces. The soft blue and pastel colours of this tablecloth adds an elegance to any casual table setting!


She cleverly used white glasses to serve as vases... the result is stunning! An paired it with simple white dinnerware that has pretty floral accents... they 're the perfect complement!

The nature theme is carried through with a few simple touches: Armine added white ceramic birds that give a romantic air to the table without being overwhelming. The beautiful fresh flowers and birds makes this casual setting feel special, even though it's an every-day setting.


The wipeable tablecloth is also available in a variety of patterns, so you can mix it up to suit your style!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any comments at all, I love hearing from you. Just send me a message, I read every single one of them.

xoxo, Ana

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