A couple posts ago I showed you how I "faked" oversized ornaments by putting a bunch of smaller ornaments together. Now I want to show you how to make a beautiful ornament center piece to impress. Is so easy and you can use left over ornaments you probably have around the house collecting dust.

We will use the same principle and method as the oversized ornament clusters, but this time will make one long string to make one big donut. Once done, you only have to add a candle holder or another item in the middle. The cluster is also pretty enough to use by itself!

Here's what you need:
  1. Lots and lots of the regular/smaller sized ornaments you already own
  2. String (not too thick) so it can go through the top caps of the ornaments
  3. Scissors
  4. Your creativity!

Cut a pice of string (about 40", you can adjust depending on how long you want the ornament to be) and start stringing the ornaments. Mix and match the colours/textures/sizes, have fun with it!

When you are happy with the amount of ornaments, take both ends of the string and shake it vertically, so the ornaments 
fall into place nicely without leaving big spaces. You should have a "garland" like result.

If you are using an extra element in the middle, put the item and wrap the ornament cluster around it, make a double knot with both ends of the string, until is tight. CAREFUL: Some ornaments don't have very tight top caps, and can fall out of it easily. To avoid this, you can take the cap off and add some glue or use a hot glue gun and secure the cap to avoid it falling off.

You can absolutely use the "donut" cluster by itself too, since is so pretty!

And voila! Thats it... simple, quick and inexpensive.

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Check out our next blog post to see how I used this centre piece to style a beautiful table using our Tartan tablecloth.

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