Effortless Christmas Table with DIY Gold & Silver Ornaments

I love setting tables. But t
here is something so special about setting a gorgeous table for Christmas. Gathering at the table for a delicious meal on Christmas Eve brings back some of my most treasured memories. My Grandmother used to take out her fancy tableware: special linens, china (she had SO MANY), and gorgeous silverware.

My job was always to help her set up not one, but 3 Christmas tables (we used to have 30+ people over!). And I loved every minute of it.

I hope this Effortless Christmas Table I've put together inspires you to do something special for your family this year and create some special memories.

Whether you are hosting a fancy Christmas dinner party, your best girls' holiday lunch, or simply celebrating with your close family, you can set a stunning Christmas table that no one will forget, yet, looks like you spent hours decorating!

The best tables are the ones that look like you have spent hours working on it, but in reality set in only a few minutes! That is the trick!

Choose your canvas

Choosing your tablecloth is the first thing. It will dictate the tone of the table. You want everything to work together, not clashing. I chose the Aster Wipeable Tablecloth, because why would I want some gravy to stain or any wine spills to ruin my evening? 😉


Create a Nice Centerpiece

For my centerpiece, I used ornaments I already had on hand. Medium and small. Simply tossed them in some clear vases and kept lose some at the table. Add a few candles and voilà. Can't get any simpler than that! 

Chose Silverware and China

Since my centerpiece was gold and silver, I use those colours for the place setting to complement and not introduce another colour that could clash with it all.

With the holidays now in full swing, it’s time to enjoy some family and friends. But beware! Food messes happen. And when they do, you can risk ruining your party with a stained tablecloth.

If you happen to be hosting this year, don't let potential spillage ruin your good times - invest in one of our wipe-clean tablecloths so that you'll never need to worry about it!

Give one of these a try at your next holiday gathering and see for yourself how much easier cleanup is than before. You'll be able to spend more time chatting away instead of cleaning up after everyone... and there will never be any question as to who spilled what :P

Our laminated cotton material is matte with a little texture to it - not plasticky at all. And best of all, there are no toxic materials in our product so you can be sure that what you put on your table is safe for everyone around!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoyed this article. Need some table linens for your next gathering? Either wipe-clean tablecloths or classic styles (both eco-friendly options), we've got you covered!

xoxo, Ana

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