The key to a festive holiday table is a buying the right accents and statement pieces ahead of time, so you're ready to create an elegant table when your holiday gathering is around the corner.

The table needs to be as memorable as the menu. Once you've got your centrepiece figured out, it's down to the plates, linens, and decor.

Setting a holiday table doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming—nor should it be. This idea Im presenting are very easy to throw together.

Each year—and for about 8 years now— I've gathered with all of my 'work-from-home' girlfriends and throw our very own "office party". This year I wanted to up the ante and create a truly chic table, and the first thing I did was select the tablecloth. No surprise here I of course selected one of my own. I chose the Geo tablecloth, because I think its mix of patterns look almost like snowflakes.

After that was selected, I had to find the perfect centrepiece. I looked in several stores until I found the one. It comes from HomeSense, and is just gorgeous. So amazing that the table almost didn't need anything else!

Since the centrepiece was already very elaborated,  I decided to keep it simple for the rest of the elements. Simple white china, with gold and silver accents.

Here's the result!

Brunch time is my favourite meal to throw parties around. Sweet and ivory dishes, breakfast and lunch items are equally game. For this gathering, I had 2 vegetation quiches as the main meals. So delish!

I wanted to have some fancy water, my go-to is cucumber water, that I threw in a wine decanter. The result is so pretty! Not to mention tasty.

Maple and bacon donuts anyone?

So as you can see, I didn't need any extra decor other than the gorgeous centrepiece I found. Chin and easy!

Get your Geo tablecloth here.

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