Spring has sprung! (Finally!) Its time to gather around the table and celebrate is not freezing cold out. If you live were the weather is cold half the year as we do, you get me!

With Easter approaching, I wanted to give you a little Easter table inspiration. Time to pull out the pretty pastels to set the stage for this fun holiday.

My girls love watching everything come together, and it makes them feel special when they get to sit on the big dinning table. They even ask to wear a special dress or outfit every time. Yes, it may get messy and that’s OK. What matters is the fun family time and memories.

I found these cute little bunnies in the most surprising of places: Dollarama! Don't they look so stylish?

I love how most places have Easter decorations in the pastel range of hues. makes it easier to mix and match from different stores and even re-use your décor from previous years. That's why I chose our Geo wipeable tablecloth for this occasion: perfect baby blue with white which blends right in.

These perfect and delicious macarons are from Coco Miel Mtl I love how I just asked her "make me some easter macarons please!" and the colours she chose were so perfect!

Luckily chocolatey fingers aren't a concern with our wipe-clean tablecloth ;)

Shop the Geo wipeable tablecloth here.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line!

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