Essentials For Planning The Ultimate Summertime Boho Picnic

So honoured to have the opportunity to bring back Janet Collazo from Rosemary & Thyme blog! This time she is sharing her best tips to create a Boho Chic backyard picnic. She designed this table setting with our Hexa Wipe-Clean tablecloth and the results couldn't been any dreamier!

Q: Why the Boho Picnic is perfect for backyard entertaining?
A: Backyard picnics have become increasingly popular over the last year as a result of the lockdown. It's a very versatile and fun way to celebrate any occasion with family and friends safely.

When you are putting together a Boho Picnic, you are free to create without having any boundaries. You are allowed to purposely mix-match patterns, colors and styles. This form of entertaining is one that can be easily created - you can go with a variety of styles such as vintage, gypsy and finish it with a sprinkle of style and elegance. It all works. The only true requirement is PASSION!

Q: What would be the first step to create the Boho tablescape?
A: The one essential for a Boho Picnic is having something that you can use for a table. When we think of Boho Picnics, low tables are key. You can use pallets or an old piece of wood stacked on blocks or heavy wood crates. Just remember to give them a good clean before use and to cover with tablecloth long and wide enough to cover the mechanics. You will also need floor cushions for comfortable seating. Wicker baskets, throw blankets, floor lamps and umbrellas are also
items that are essential to giving your event that ultra-chic Bohemian style.

For ambiance, I also like to have a wireless speaker to add music and candles of various sizes and shapes if possible. A great gathering should indulge every sense: sight, taste, smell, touch and sound

Q: What are the key elements to have to create this super popular Boho Picnic?
A: Treat your Boho Picnic just like if you were entertaining at home. Give thought to your centerpiece/flowers, linens, china and most importantly, food. Regardless of location, you still want to treat your guests to a memorable and fun
occasion. What separates a Boho Picnic from other casual forms of outdoor picnics is that you can make it as simple and informal as you want to or take it to the next level with a very elegant affair celebrating a bridal shower, engagement
or birthday party or an intimate setting for two at the beach or a casual evening with the girls in your backyard. The key element is having fun! Enjoying a glass of wine, having a few snacks, laughing and appreciating each others
company. No need for perfection!

Q: Let’s talk the place setting, what’s the most appropriate for this style of relaxed outdoor dinning?
A: For the Boho style place setting, I still use my everyday dishes just like I would at home. I like to create layers with a mix of natural elements and textures. To start, cover your table with a neutral table cloth and add wood or hyacinth table
chargers. Add your favorite dinner plates along with flatware, napkins and stemware. But if you prefer, a more relaxed way of outdoor dining, you can easily go with melamine plates and plastic glasses. They are ideal for this type of
entertaining and are available in a multitude of colors and designs these days.

Q: What about the food? What goes?
A: Keep your picnic hassle-free with foods that are easy to transport and eat with your hands. Charcuterie boards, cold salads in Mason Jars, fresh fruits, vegetables and sandwiches are all great choices for a picnic. And don't forget the drinks - lemonade, iced tea, wine and water are all ideal.

I consider it an honor to be able to give you these tips that I hope help you enjoy the creative journey in planning your next gathering. After all, entertaining family and friends should be fun and stress-free.


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xoxo, Ana

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