Im sharing today the actual table setting Im using for my table this year. I'm using the same DIY ornament cluster center piece I made from my previous post! I loved it so much that I kept it on my main table and now it was time to dress it up since the big day is only 2 days away.

Here are my 8 best tips to set the table for Christmas:

  1. Set the table as much in advance as possible.
    It's one of the easiest things to check off your list... will feel oh so satisfying! Plus will give you the added bonus of beautiful decor to enjoy.

  2. Keep your table setting simple.
    If you are serving food at the table, you won't need much decorations anyways. So plan to leave enough space for all the dishes you would want to serve at the center of the table.

  3. Chose a great tablecloth.
    The tablecloth will be your canvas and will set eh mood for your entire table. Keep in mind that the busier the pattern, the less you will need to dress up your table. If you go the more simple way, you may want to plan for a bigger and more complex center piece needs to be.

  4. Add placemats.
    These are the best way to make the table look very dressed up. They are very helpful to add a pop of colour without being too intrusive, since they will be partially covered with the flatware.

  5. Pull out that china you never use.
    Holidays are a great time to use your heirloom china – or the mismatched collection of backyard sales purchases you have accumulated. When using mismatched flatware on the same table, try to stay within the same colour family for the best results, or blend different patterns but add one piece of white dinnerware to make it look great.

  6. Use the napkins as decoration.
    Paper or cloth napkins, your choice! Cloth napkins are a good and inexpensive way to instantly dress up your table and make it look more elegant. Paper napkins area good option too, because they come in so many fun patterns and you won't need to wash after! The napkin rings and the way you fold the napkins is what will give your table a great dramatic effect!

  7. Candles, candles, candles!
    Candles and their are an amazing and inexpensive way to add ambiance and elegance. Pro tip: Best to choose unscented candles to avoid clashing with the food).

  8. Center piece.
    Anything goes! Have fun, use your creativity by finding serving pieces, vases, pitchers or bowls from your everyday items around the house and fill them with flowers, ornaments, pinecones, leaves, branches. I have shared a bunch of ideas for making your own with Christmas ornaments you may already have, which is a low-cost alternative to always finding new stuff.

 Check out the results of my Christmas table setting this year!

Hope you enjoyed this post and helped you even in a tiny way to have a stress-free Christmas dinner. 

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