If you think about it, New Year's Eve is the most glamorous holiday of the year. Why? Because... what other day is it acceptable to dress in head to toe sequins? Even if you are having a quiet dinner this year due to the pandemic! Im sharing some tips to keep up this year with the easiest DIY decorations that'll set a festive tone for your night.

For New Year's Eve table is always a good idea going for classic black, white and gold. I don't know about you but 2020 has been an exhausting year for us. After an elaborated Christmas dinner, I want to go for easy, simple, no fuss menu. What easier and more crown pleasing than pasta?

After I had the menu in mind, it was easy to select the plates and cutlery I was going to use. Then it was just a matter of thinking about the decor!

6 Easy Ideas for New Year's Eve Table decor

  1. Pick a solid or not too busy tablecloth.

    White is a classic but black or golden will work too. Remember that since we want a festive feel, we will be adding a lot of items on the table, and having a busy pattern can hurt your overall visual effect. Don't have a good tablecloth? Check out our store for a great selection!

  2. Printable clocks to use as table runner.

    Print different clock faces in different sizes on cardstock. Cut and place at the center of the table for a stunning graphic touch.

  3. Wine glasses as center pieces.

    Get some low-cost bling party necklaces at the dollar store in the colours of your table and simple put them inside wine glasses. If you can use different glass sizes and shapes that's better! Add as many as you want.

  4. Cute bowtie napkins.

    These are the cutest accent ever! Get some black paper or fabric napkins and make it look like bowties by securing it with golden simple napkin rings. Here's the how to:
    • Take the napkin and fold it zig-zag style (like a paper fan). A small napkin (like a cocktail napkin) works best for this particular accent.
    • Take the napkin ring (I got golden ones from the dollar store) and pass the napkin through the center.
    • Widen the extremities to make the bow.

  5. Balloons!

    Very low cost but such a big visual impact! If you can get them inflated with helium great, if not, just get some balloon weight anyways and secure the balloons with some tape. Keep in mind the height, so the visual point of the guests is not blocked from one table side to the other.

  6. Party favours as table decor

    These are a great way to decorate your table with stuff you probably are giving away anyway, so why not placing these items all over the table to act as decorations? Tiaras, Horns, Blowouts, Squawkers, Bead Necklaces... anything goes!




Hope you enjoyed this post and helped you even in a tiny way to have a stress-free Christmas dinner. 

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